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Mount, (fr. montagne); in later heraldry it is not unusual to separate the lower portion of the shield by a curved line, and by tincturing the same vert to represent therein a mount supposed to be covered with grass. The French heralds use a specific term for this device, viz. terrassé. On this some other device is placed, most frequently a tree, but often an animal grazing, e.g. a stag(see one or two examples under Deer). It may be covered with flowers, or be burning, &c. The mount is sometimes incorrectly written mound, which is a very different device. [See under Orb, and note arms of BERWICK below.] It is sometimes blazoned as a hill, or hillock, (fr. tertre), or even mole-hill where there is more than one mount represented. A mount mounted is said to mean a large mount with a smaller one upon it. The French use the term coupeaux for a series of hills. The mountain also occurs, and perhaps may be distinguished somewhat in the drawing from a mount.


Argent, in chief a gem-ring gules; out of a mount in base three trefoils vert--DORRIEN, co. Herts.

Argent, on a mount inclining to the sinister at oak-tree proper, acorned or, debruised of a fesse azure--Richard WATSON, Bp. of Llandaff, 1782-1816.

Or, a mountain[couped in base] azure inflamed in several placed proper--MACLEOD, Lord of Lewis.

Gules, a chevron ermine between in chief two mounds and in base a talbot passant or--DAVIS, Bristol.

Argent, three hills in base azure--BRINCKMAN, Baronetcy, 1831.

Vert, three hillocks argent--HILLS, Middlesex.

Per fesse argent and chequy argent and gules, a hill of three mounds azure--HOHEBURG.

Argent, three mountains issuing from the base, one in front and two behind vert; on the top of each a cross Calvary gules--HILL, Ireland.

Argent, a chevron sable between three mole-hills with grass proper, each charged with an annulet of the first[otherwise three hillocks of rushes vert, on each an annulet]--TYLDESLEY.

D'or, à l'arbre arraché de sinople posé sur un tertre de même parti dor, au rocher de sinople--MONTOLIEU, Languedoc.

De sable, à une montagne d'argent semée de flammes de gueules--MOUSTOULAT, Guyenne.

D'Argent, à l'arbre terrassé de sinople, au cerf gueules passant au pied de l'arbre--LOURMONT, Normandie.

D'or, à une montagne de trois coupeaux d'azure--CAUDECOSTE, Dauphiné.

The French have also a mount of six hillocks(à six coupeaux), which is called a Montjoie.

De gueules, à deux bourdons d'or posée en chevron accompagnés de trois montjoies d'argent[1st and 3rd Quart.]--GUILLART DE FRESNAY, Poitou.

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