Pine tree

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Pine-tree, (fr. pin): this tree occurs in some few coats of arms, and more frequently the Pine-apple(fr. pomme de pin), or rather the cone of the pine-tree. In some modern instances the fruit of the tree is represented, but then the term ananas ought to be employed to prevent confusion.


Argent, on a mount in base a pine-tree fructed all proper--PYNE.

Argent, in base on a mount proper a pine-tree vert, a talbot tied thereto proper, and from one of the branches a buglehorn pendent of the second within a bordure of the third--LOUTHIAN, Edinburgh.

Argent, three pine-trees erased proper, fructed or--BRAYE, Cornwall.

Argent, three pine-apples[i.e. cones] gules--DYCHFIELD, Essex.

Argent, a chevron between three pine cones slipped erect gules--APPURLEY.

Argent, between two chevrons sable three pines[i.e. pine cones] pendent vert--ASHFORD.

Azure, a dolphin embowed naiant between three pine cones erect or--FISHER.

Azure, on a chevron argent between in chief two roses of the last and in base an ananas leaved or, a pair of palm branches vert--PAULMIER, co. Devon.

Argent, a negro cutting with a bill a sugar-cane proper, on a chief azure two pine-apples[i.e. ananas] or leaved and crowned of the last--CHAMBERS, Hanover, Jamaica; granted 1771.

Besides the pine, the fir(fr. sapin) the ceder and the cypress are sometimes mentioned; the sprig of the latter appears occasionally with that of laurel.


Argent, a fir-tree growing out of a mount in base vert, surmounted by a sword bendwise azure ensigned on the point with an imperial crown proper--MACGREGOR.

Or, a lion rampant gules, in chief three fir-trees eradicated vert, on a canton argent a flag azure charged with a saltire of the fourth--FARQUHARSON, co. Aberdeen.

Argent, on a mount a grove of firs proper--WALKINSHAND, Scotland.

Argent, a cedar-tree between two mounts of flowers proper on a chief azure a dagger erect proper, pomel and hilt or between two mullets of six points gold--MONTEFIORE, Ramsgate, Sussex, and London; Baronetcy, 1846.

Azure, three cypress sprigs or--BIRKIN.

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