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Satyrs: amongst monsters the human figure came in for its share in combination with the lower animals. The Satyrs and Satyrals are not found in arms except as supporters(e.g. to the arms of Lord STAWELL), bet satyrs' heads, q.v., occur in one coat of arms. The Mantiger or Lampago, called by writers Montegre and Manticora, also occurs, e.g. the body of an heraldic tiger, with the head of an old man with long spiral horns. The supporters, however, to the arms of the Earl of HUNTINGDON are without horns. The Triton, or mer-man, occurs as a supporter, e.g. to the arms of Lord LYTTELTON, and in more than one instance as a crest, e.g. of Sir Tatton SYKES and of the family of LANG in Leicestershire and Suffolk. The Neptune, q.v., in the arms of Sir Isaac HEARD, Garter King of Arms 1750, is sometimes blazoned as a Triton. The supporters to the Insignia of 'The ACADEMY OF THE MUSES,' London, were 'dexter, a Satyr; sinister, a Mer-man.'

Argent, on a bend sable three satyr's heads couped at the shoulders of the first horned or--WHEYWELL.

Sable, three man-tigers(or lampagoes) in pale argent--RADFORD, Cheynstone, Chawleigh, co. Devon.

Sagittarius, or a Centaur, is composed of half man and half horse, the former holding an arrow upon a bended bow. It in one of the twelve zodiacal signs, and King Stephen is said to have assumed it, because the sun was in that sign when he ascended the throne.

Gules, the bodies of three lions passant to the neck, with man's heads or[otherwise sagittarii]--Fictitious arms ascribed to King STEPHEN.

Gules, a sagittarius argent, his bow and shaft sable--BLOYS.

A sagittarius in full speed proper, shooting with a bow or and arrow argent--Crest of ACADEMY OF THE MUSES, London.

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