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Sickle, (fr. faucille), or ordinary reaping-hook, is borne but by few families, and is represented as in the margin.

Sable, three sickles interwoven argent--SICKLEMORE, co. Suffolk.

Vert, on a fesse between two garbs in chief or and a sickle in base argent, handled of the second, an arrow barways gules headed and flighted of the third between two estoiles azure--DUBERLY, co. Monmouth; granted 1766.

Gules, three reaping-hooks argent--SASSELL or SAWSEFELE.

Per chevron sable and or; in base a moorcock of the first combed and wattled gules, in chief two pair of reaping-hooks endorsed and entwined, the blades argent the handles gold--HOCKMORE, Buckyate, co. Devon,

Argent, three reaping-hooks, their bows conjoined in fesse[point] sable--TREMERE, co. Cornwall.

De gueules, à trois faucilles d'argent emmanchées d'or les pointes au cœ“ur de l'ecu--MAYÈRE, Flandre.

Similar to the above is the pruning-hook, the only difference, perhaps, being that the handle should be drawn somewhat longer. Pruning-hooks occur notably in the crest of TAY and NANFANT, the former bearing two, the latter three.

Gules, three pruning-hooks, blades argent, handles or--CUTCLIFFE, Ilfracombe, co. Devon.

The Scythe(fr. faux) is also frequently found.


Argent, a scythe in pale, blade in chief, the sned[or handle] in bend sinister sable; in the fesse point a fleur-de-lis of the last--SNEYD, co. Stafford.

Argent, a scythe sable--SNELSON, co. Chester; also Sir James LEE, co. Stafford.

Argent, a fesse gules between three scythes sable--ALCOCK, co. Chester.

Gules, a scythe argent, handle in pale, blade in chief--BOGHEY, co. Stafford.

Per chevron sable and or, in base a moorcock of the first, in chief four scythes conjoined two and two argent, the handles of the second--HUCKMORE, co. Devon.

Or, on a chief gules three scythes erect argent--SETHINGTON.

D'azur, à trois faux d'or--FAUQUIÈRES, Bourgogne.

Scythes are also borne by the families of SNELYTONE, London; MAINWARING; KEMPLEY or KEMSEY, co. Salop; PRAYERS or PRAERS, co. Chester; PARTRIDGE, co. Stafford; RIDLER, co. Gloucester.

It will be observed that the blades of the sickle and scythe(fr. rangier) are sometimes borne without handles.

Gules, two scythe blades, the edges inward and points upward in saltire, the dexter surmounted of the sinister argent--VAN MILDERT, Bishop of Llandaff, 1819; Durham, 1826-36.

Argent, the upper half of a sickle blade serrated on the inner[dexter] edge erect sable--ZAKESLY.

De gueules, à trois rangiers d'argent--SORNY DES GRESLETS, Champagne.

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