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Thistle, (fr. chardon): this plant, though occurring in coats of arms, is found more frequently as a badge; it is generally represented slipped, as in the margin. The leaves are found also separate.

Per pale azure and gules three lions rampant argent; a chief per pale or and argent, charged on the dexter side with a rose gules, and on the sinister with a thistle vert--PEMBROKE COLLEGE, Oxford, founded 1620.

Azure, on a fesse argent between a thistle in chief or and a trefoil in base of the second a cinquefoil gules--STEERS, Ireland.

Gules, a crosier or and sword argent saltirewise; on a chief of the second a thistle vert--KIRK, Scotland.

Argent, a lion passant gardant gules gorged with an open crown and crowned with an imperial one proper, holding in the dexter paw a sword of the last defending the thistle placed in the dexter chief point vert, ensigned with a crown or--OGILVIE, co. Kincardine.

Gules, a bend engrailed argent, in chief a thistle leaved or--GEMMILL, Scotland.

Or, a fesse azure between three thistles slipped vert, flowered gules--Miles SALLEY, Bp. of Llandaff, 1500-16.

A thistle slipped and leaved, ensigned with the imperial crown, all proper--Badge of SCOTLAND; [it occurs also amongst the badges of the STUARTS].

D'azur, a trois chardons d'or--De CARDON, Lorraine et Artois.

Argent, on a fesse gules three oval buckles or; in base three thistle-leaves conjoined vert--LESLIE, co. Monagham.


With the thistle may be grouped the Teazel, used especially in dressing cloth, and it will be seen to be used both in the insignia of the Exeter WEAVERS' Company(see under Weavers), and of the CLOTH-WORKERS(see under Clothiers).

Argent, a chevron sable between three teazels stalked and leaved proper--FULHAM.

Argent, three teazels slipped proper--BOWDEN.

Thistle, Order of the. See under Knights.
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