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Unicorn, (fr. licorne): this fictitious animal, so well known from being the sinister supporter to the royal arms, consists of a horse, from the forehead of which proceed a single horn like that of an ibex. The tail is tufted like that of a lion. It occurs in several coats of arms, and may be represented as trippant, sejant, salient, couchant, courant, climant, rampant, passant, &c. The head alone also is sometimes found.


Argent, a unicorn passant gules, armed or--STANSAM, [From Glover's Ordinary.]

Argent, on a bend sable three unicorns[one family bear calves] passant of the first--VEALE.

Argent, an unicorn rampant, [otherwise blazoned climant, also sejant,] sable, armed and unguled or--HARLING, Suffolk.

Or, an unicorn rampant sable--HOYE.

Gules, a fesse argent, in chief an unicorn courant or--SWANSEY, co. Hereford.

Argent, crucilly or, an unicorn couchant, tail erect argent--DOON or DONNE.

Argent, an unicorn salient sable, horned or--KERR, Scotland.

Quarterly, first and fourth; azure an unicorn salient argent, unguled, armed, and crined or within a bordure of the last, charged with eight thistles proper; second and third argent, three inescutcheons gules--Robert Hay DRUMMOND, Bp. of S.Asaph, 1748; of Salisbury, 1761; and Abp. of York, 1761-76.

Argent, a bend and in chief an unicorn's head erased sable--DENNISTOUN.

Ermine, a bend between two cotises; and in chief a unicorn's head couped; in base a cross crosslet fitchy gules--Edmund DENISON, Bishop of Salisbury, 1837-54.

Unicorns are also found in the arms of the following families:--COOKE, Middlesex; CRAFTFORD, Worcester; CROLE; DOANE or DONNE; EDWARDS, Cornwall; EDGEBURY; FARINGDON, Devon; FLOWER, Oxon; HUNNIS, Middlesex; LAYER, Norfolk and Essex; MELDRUM; MISTERTON; MEAUTYS, Essex; O'NEYLAN, Ireland; STEEDE; STYLEMAN, Wilts; TREVITHICK, Cornwall; WILKINSON.

Unicorn's heads--BEVERLEY, York; CHEVALIER, Scotland; CROSBY; FREELING; GODLEY, Leitrim; GOFTON, Surrey; JAMES, Surrey; OVERTON, Bp. of Lichfield; PARISH; PRESTON, Scotland; SHELLEY; SMITH, Binderton, Sussex; SMYTH-BARTELOTT, Sussex; SMITH, Stockton on Trent; WOMVILL.

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