Bugle horn

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Bugle-horn, or hanchet(fr. huchet): this may be garnished with encircling rings or virols, and with French heralds the end opening may be enguiché of another tincture. It is usually stringed, i.e. suspended by strings.

Argent, a torteau between three bugle-horns gules stringed or--VERNECK, Baron Huntingfield.

Argent, a bugle-horn sable, stringed gules--DOWNES.

Argent, a bugle-horn sable garnished gules, within the baldrick a mullet, in chief three holly-leaves proper--BURNET, Bp. of Salisbury, 1689.

Argent, an arrow or, feathered gules, between three bugle-horns stringed sable, and interlacing the flower one--HAULE, Devon.

Vert, three greyhounds courant argent, on a chief of the last as many bugle-horns sable, stringed gules--HUNTER.


The Hunting-horn(fr. cor de chasse) is often represented as the bugle-horn; another form is shewn in the margin; there is also the trumpet, q.v.

Azure, a hare salient argent, round the neck a hunting-horn sable, stringed gules--KINEILAND, Scotland.

Gules, two huntsman's horns in saltire between four crosses crosslet or--NEVILL.

The Cornet is named some works(but probably erroneously) as borne by HULME Abbey. See under crosier.

Sable, a crozier in pale or with two ribbons(or tassels) entwined about it argent, between four golden cornets(should be coronets)--Benedictine Abbey of HULME.

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