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Fountain: this conventional device is supposed to represent a well or spring of water, and might generally be blazoned as a roundle barry wavy of six argent and azure. That this is so is evidenced from so many families of WELLS bearing it. The family of SYKES also bear it in allusion to the old name of sykes for a well. Guillim also says that the six fountains given to the family of STOURTON represent six springs, whereof the river Stour in Wiltshire hath its beginning.


Argent, three roundles barry wavy of six argent and vert--THEMILTON.

Argent, a chevron sable, between three fountains--SYKES, Kirkella, co. York.

Argent, three fountains--WELLER.

Sable, a bend or, between six fountains proper--STOURTON.

Azure, three moor's heads couped argent on a bordure of the last three fountains proper--EDINGTON, Glasgow.

Argent, on a chevron sable three fountains--CASSHE.

Per fesse gules and argent; a pale counterchanged, thereon three fountains proper--LAVENDER, co. Herts.

Or, three bars wavy gules; on a canton argent a fountains azure--DRUMMOND, Innermay, Scotland.

Vert, a lion rampant argent within a bordure or, charged with nine fountains or wells proper--HOME, Whitfield, Scotland.

Or, on a pile engrailed sable, three crosslets of the first in base two fountains barry wavy of six argent and azure--HALIFAX, Bp. of Gloucester, 1781, afterwards S.Asaph, 1789-90.

Practically the well is sometimes for the fountain, but the former should properly be masoned, i.e. should shew the stone-work, while the heraldic fountain is supposed to represent the water in the well only. Fountaine with the French, however, is used for a fountain, i.e. masonry, with a jet of water.

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