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Well, (fr. puits): the well with masonry round it, is sometimes borne as figured in the margin; though the roundle called a fountain(q.v.) is an heraldic representation of the same thing, and is accordingly borne by several families in allusion to the meaning. At the same time it is by no means clear always what is meant, as apparently the same arms are found blazoned as having in one case fountains, in another wells. A stone fountain appears to be undoubtedly a well. The term cold well found blazoned in the arms of CALDWELL is but an ordinary well; and water-houses, in which the devices are probably intended for stone-built conduits.

Gules, three wells argent, masoned sable--HADISWELL.

Azure, a fesse between three wells argent--HODSALL.

Azure, a fesse wavy between three stone fountains argent--HODSOLL, London and Kent.

Gules, three square wells argent, water azure--HODISWELL.

Sable, three round wells argent--BOXTON.

Argent, out of a well gules an oak-tree vert--WELLWOOD, co. Fife.

Vert, a heron argent drinking from a well tenne--arms ascribed to St.Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln, 1186-1200.

Per fesse argent and vert, a tree proper issuing from the fesse line; in base three wells two and one masoned--A variation of the insignia of the City of WELLS, co. Somerset.

Per pale azure and sable, a hart's head couped or, and in chief three cold[?] wells proper--CALDWELL, Glasgow.

Gules, three wells[or water-houses] argent, the doors sable; the water undy of six argent and azure--Old arms of WATERHOUSE, Conisborough, co. York.

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