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Saints: the figures of Saints and martyrs are scarcely suitable for heraldic bearings: still in the later middle ages, in connection with certain northern Sees and Burghs, Saints are introduced, though perhaps rather as seal-devices than as true coats of arms. A figure of S.Andrew appears as in the Insignia of S.ANDREW'S: of S.Boniface in those of the See of ROSS: of S.Bryce on the seal of the Burgh of KIRKALDIE: of S.Edmund in the Insignia of the Bishopric of the ISLES: S.Giles in those of the See of MORAY; S.Magnus in those of the See of ORKNEY: S.Margaret of Scotland in those of the Burgh of QUEENSFERRY: S.Michael in those of the See of ABERDEEN, as well as of the Burghs of LINLITHGOW and of DUNDEE: and S.Ninian in those of the See of GALLOWAY.

In the blazon of the Insignia of the Irish Bishoprick of CASHEL, EMLY, &c., simply a Saint is mentioned, but no name; the same also occurs in those of the Burgh of BRECHIN.

It will be seen that the figures of Saints are variously placed and habited; moreover, the blazon varies considerably, each writer adopting his own method of description, for practically they are without the pale of ordinary heraldry.

The list here given might be, perhaps, somewhat enlarged, but it is sufficient to shew the way in which Saints are introduced. See also the example of S.Nicholas under Bishop, (generally, but erroneously, blazoned as S.Michael), the Blessed Virgin Mary, &c. Besides these the emblems are often mentioned, e.g. the Cross of S.George, the Cross of Standard of S.Andrew(i.e. the saltire), the knives of S.Bartholomew, the wheel of S.Katherine, the scourges of S.Guthlac, &c., &c.

Azure, the Apostle S.Andrew proper surrounded with a radiation or, vested of the field, tied to his cross, argent; in base a boar of the last tied to a tree of the second--Burgh of S.ANDREW'S Scotland.

Argent, S.Boniface on the dexter habited gules his hand cross his breast proper; on the sinister a bishop vested in long robe close girt purpure, mitred and in his sinister hand a crosier or--See of ROSS, Scotland.

The figure of S.Bryce vested in long garments with a mitre on his head, all proper standing in the porch of a church argent, which is ensigned on the top with a cross pattee of the third; his dexter hand holds a fleur-de-lys or, and the sinister hand is laid upon his breast; the whole between a decrescent and a star in fesse of the last--Seal of the Royal Burgh of KIRKALDIE, Scotland.

Azure, S.Columba in a boat on waves of the sea all proper; in chief a blazing star or[otherwise dexter chief a star gold]--Bishopric of THE ISLES, Scotland.

Azure, a church argent, S.Giles standing in the porch in a pastoral habit proper mitred and in this dexter hand holding a passion cross, the sinister hand holding a book proper--See of MORAY.

Argent, S.Magnus vested in royal robes, on his head an antique crown in his dexter hand a sceptre, all proper--See of ORKNEY, Scotland.

Argent, in the sea azure a galley, her sails furled sable; in the middle thereof S.Margaret, Queen of Scotland, standing richly apparelled, in the dexter hand a sceptre ensigned with a fleur-de-lis or, in the sinister which is plain on her breast a book folded purpure--Burgh of QUEENSFERRY, Scotland.

Argent, the Archangel Michael proper vested in a long garment azure; in the dexter hand a crozier or, on the head a mitre, and below his feet a serpent nowed, both proper--Burgh of DUNDEE.

Azure, S.Michael with wings expanded, treading on the belly of a serpent in base lying fessways with its tail nowed, all argent, with a spear in his dexter hand piercing the serpent's head proper and holding in the sinister an inescutcheon charged with the royal arms of Scotland--Burgh of LINLITHGOW, Scotland.

Argent, S.Ninian clothed in a pontifical robe purple, on his head a mitre and in the dexter hand a crosier, both or, the sinister hand across the breast--See of GALLOWAY, Scotland.

Per fesse gules and azure, in base a Cross Calvary supported by a Saint on steps proper; in chief two keys saltirewise or--Bishopric of CASHEL, EMLY, WATERFORD, and LISMORE.

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