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Tower, (fr. tour): towers and turrets are more frequently named in connection with the Castle(q.v.), but they are also found in some cases as distinct charges. Though a castle is sometimes represented as consisting of a single tower, it generally has at least three. The ordinary tower is drawn as the first example given in the margin.

TOWERS, Northampton.
TOWERS, Northampton.

Azure, a tower or--TOWERS, Northampton.

Gules, in chief a castle surmounted with a tower argent; in base a lion passant gardant or--City of NORWICH.

Sable, three high towers argent--DE TOUR, Shrewsbury.

Sable, a plate between three towers argent--WINSTON.

Argent, five towers, two, two and one gules--CORNELL.

But the tower is also frequently represented as bearing three smaller towers or turrets, and then it is blazoned triple towered, or triple turretted: in that case it is drawn as the annexed figure in the margin, sometimes with the turrets slightly sloping outwards, sometimes upright. It is frequently described as having a dome or cupola, both terms being used for the same thing; and sometimes a spire or conical roof. Also as provided with a port or entrance, port-holes or windows, battlements, &c.

TOWERS, Isle of Ely.
TOWERS, Isle of Ely.

Azure, a tower triple-towered or--TOWERS, Isle of Ely.

Argent, on a mount vert a tower triple-towered sable--CHIVERTON, Lord Mayor of London, 1658.

Azure, a castle triple-towered argent, port-holes and gate gules--M'LEOD.

Azure, two lions rampant argent chained or, supporting a tower triple-turretted of the second--KELLY, Ireland.

A tower triple-turretted of the second--OWEN, co. Montgomery.

Azure, a tower[otherwise with a cupola] argent, embattled and domed, the port gules--Gilbert DE LA TOUR, Dorset.

Azure, on a mount vert a castle embattled with three towers domed, on each a pennon, all or--Town of CLITHEROW, Lancashire.

Azure, on a mount proper couped a castle triple-towered argent, the middle tower with dome and pennon--NIELSON, Bothwellshiels.

Gules, a four-square castle in perspective with as many towers and cupolas, one at each angle, argent, standing in water azure--RAWSON, co. York.

Azure, on a bend between two water-bougets or three leopard's faces gules; a chief as the last charged with a castle triple-towered argent, having from the centre tower of a pyramidical shape a banner displayed like the first--HUNT, Limerick.

Sable, a quadrangular tower with four towers in perspective argent, masoned proper; the base of the escutcheon water of the last--Town of PONTEFRACT, Yorkshire.

Gules, a triple circular tower in a pyramidal form or, the first with battlements mounted with cannon of the last, all within a bordure azure charged with eight towers domed or--Town of LAUNCESTON, co. Cornwall.

Azure, a square castle embattled above the gate and at the top, triple-towered, the central tower larger than the dexter and sinister; on each side the central tower a sentinel-house or watch-tower, which are with the three towers pyramidally roofed, all argent, masoned sable, the portcullis and windows gules; the middle tower ensigned with a staff and banner charged with Royal arms of Scotland--Burgh of FORFAR.

The term turret is sometimes used alone, separate from the tower, and can only be represented as a smaller tower. The terms tourelle and torele are also found.

Le Roy de PORTUGAL, de goules poudre a turelles d'or a une labeu lazur--Roll, temp. HEN. III.

Le Counte de POYTERS, party dazur et de goules; per le goules poudre a turelles dor; lazur poudre o flurettes dor--Ibid.

Gules, three turrets or--TERRETZ.

Gules, three bars argent, on a quarter of the last a "torele" or a castle sable--John DENE.

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