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Pot, (fr. pot): there are several kinds of pots, and they are variously represented. The more usual is an iron vessel or cauldron standing on three legs, and with two handles, such as is found in the base of the arms of the BRAZIERS' Company(afterwards incorporated with the Armourers'). See for blazon under Ewer. It is the same probably as the flesh-pot, and as such the pots in the ancient arms of MONTBOUCHER were afterwards blazoned.

Sire Bertram de MONBOCHER, de argent a iij pos de goules od la bordure de sable besante de or--Roll, temp. ED. II.

Argent, three flesh-pots gules--MOUNBOWCHIER.

Argent, on a chief azure two flesh-pots or--POTTER.

Gules, a chevron between three flesh-pots or--WETHERED, co. Buckingham, and co. Hertford.

Argent, on a chief azure two flesh-pots(or porridge-pots) without handles or--POTTER,

Several arms have simply pots, but whether intended for placing on the fire or standing on the table seems to depend on circumstances. The porridge-pots of DERLING are blazoned elsewhere ewers; the pewter pots of DELVES are probably table pots. The arms of MONTBOUCHER, given above, are founded blazoned as three water-pots, and also as three possenets, in different rolls. Also see under Cup for drinking-pots and college pots, and under Ewer for the laver-pot, under Founders for melting-pot respectively: also Lily-pot and Flower-pot.

Argent, a pot sable with fire issuant proper--HAYWOOD.

Argent, a chevron between two pots sable within a bordure engrailed gules--BRAY.

Argent, a chevron between three porridge pots(elsewhere ewers) sable--DERLING.

Argent, on a chevron gules between three pewter pots sable fretty or--DELVES, co. Chester.

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