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Spear: it might have been expected that this charge would have been found in ancient arms, but so far as has been observed it is not the case. It is, however, not unfrequent in later arms. The tilting-spear proper should have the vamplet shewn, i.e. the funnel-shaped projection near where the hand holds it. The cronel also belonging to the tilting-spear has been already mentioned.

With the spear must be included the lance(fr. lance), dart, or javelin(fr. javelot). (See Pheon). It is different to distinguish them, but the lance is much longer than the dart or javelin, and the head is not barbed. The dart may, perhaps, be represented as a long arrow(q.v.), and like the javelin should have a barbed head. A broken spear(fr. eclarté) signifies the lower half, the upper having been broken off. Spears may be represented in parcels. A half spear signifies the upper half of the spear.


Or, on a bend sable, a[tilting] spear of the field headed argent--SHAKSPERE, Warwick. [Granted by Dethick to the father of the dramatist, 1546.]

Argent, five barrulets gules between three martlets in chief, and as many tilting spears paleways in base, azure--M'CALZIEN.

Azure, a battle-axe and tilting-spear in saltire argent headed or, in chief an arrow barways of the second headed and feathered of the third--GARBRAND.

Gules, a fesse ermine, over all two spears in saltire argent--CRAWFURD, Scotland.

Argent, seven half spears sable headed azure, three, one and three--DOCKER.

Sable, three spear-heads argent--PRYCE, Hunts.

Sable, a chevron between three leopard's heads or; on a chief as many spear-heads of the first embrued proper--PRICE, Marden, co. Hereford.

Or, on a bend azure a star between two crescents of the first, in chief a broken lance gules--SCOT, Whitislaid, Scotland.

Vert, a dart between two garbs or; on a chief azure a cherub's head proper between two estoiles argent--THACKERY.

Sable, a hand couped at the wrist grasping three darts, one in pale and two in saltire argent--LOWLE, Somerset.

Sable, a chevron between three darts, points upwards, shafts broken argent--AKENSIDE.

Sable, on a cross or between four unicorn's heads erased argent, armed, maned and tufted of the second, a cross engrailed gules charged with a javelin erect gold, headed as the third--WRIGHT, Manchester.

Sable, nine tilting-spears argent in parcels, three in each, viz. one in pale, two in saltire, wreath or--GARTEN, Sussex.

Azure, three fleurs-de-lis or, two and one; in chief spears issuing from the top of the field argent, each having a hook of the second, and beard on the dexter side--UNWYN, Horton, Yabington, co. Hants.

For salmon-spear and eel-spear, see under Eel-spear.

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