Crosses and Christian Symbols

Note that some crosses are ordinaries and hence appear once across the whole of the shield. If there is more than one cross, or a particular named cross (such as one of the four-armed crosses) then they will be treated as charges.

Named Crosses

Calvary cross, Greek cross, long cross, Patriarchal Cross, Tau Cross, Portate Cross, Paternoster Cross, Russian Cross, Egyptian Cross, Celtic Cross

The Calvary and Patriarchal crosses may be mounted on N steps where 'N' is 1 to 9.

Four Armed Crosses

Many of these are illustrated here.

quadrates2 quadrates1

  • Compass rose
  • cross of 4 fusils
  • cross of 9 fusils
  • cross avellane
  • cross barby
  • cross botonny
  • cross-cercele
  • cross cleche
  • cross couped
  • cross crosslet
  • cross crosslet crossed
  • cross fitchy
  • cross fitchy double
  • cross floretty
  • cross flory
  • cross flory of 9 fusils
  • cross flory of 1 lozenge
  • cross formy couped
  • cross fourche
  • cross moline
  • cross patonce
  • cross paty
  • cross paty pointed
  • cross pointed
  • cross pomme
  • cross potent
  • cross potent crossed
  • cross recercele
  • cross sarcelly
  • crosslet
  • fylfot
  • fylfot clubbed
  • maltese cross
  • saltire couped

Most of these crosses may be one of pierced, voided, fitchy (at the foot).


The crosslet is quite thin, while the cross couped is thicker, more like the cross on the Swiss flag.

Other Christian Symbols

Altar, angel, cherub, church bell, crozier, mitre, pallium, Paschal lamb, The Virgin Mary

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