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The Leopard

The leopard has a complex relationship with heraldry and its representation has changed over time. DrawShield implements the leopard as follows:

This is treated as a synonym for Lion passant guardant and drawn the same way. This is also the case for lion leoparde.
Natural Leopard
(Or Spotted Leopard) is the heraldic version of the actual leopard. It may be Spotted of a different tincture, in which case it is probably best to use a construction such as a natural leopard or spotted sable
Leopard's Head
Is the heraldic version of the actual leopard's head.
Leopard (head) jessant de lys
Is the peculiar but common Heraldic charge consisting of a Leopard's Head pierced by a fleur-de-lys. The Fleur-de-lys can be a different tincture, e.g. a leopard's head gules jessant-de-lys or.

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