Plants Trees And Flowers

These representations of natural objects are very commonly found in mediaeval Heraldry and there are quite a few available.

Fruit and Nuts

pair of cherries, bunch of grapes, pear, lemon, pineapple, hazelnut, walnut


acanthus leaf, bamboo pole, beanpod, chrysanthemum leaf, reed, bundle of reeds, bullrush, garlic plant, thistle, grape leaf, fig leaf, vine, vine leaf, oak leaf, acorn, wheat ear, hop cone and a generic bush

The Farming and Tools category also include a Corn sheaf


Apple, alder, ash, aspen, beech, birch, cedar, cherry, chestnut, cypress, elder, fir, palm, pine, willow, yew and a generic tree, which may also be eradicated and blasted. There is also a group of trees known as a hurst, forest, or wood.

In addition to entire trees, many of them can be reprensted by a single leaf, or a representative branch known as a sprig, for example a beech sprig proper. If the branch includes fruits or berries it might be possible to give these a different tincture using the feature fructed.


Cinquefoil, columbine, daffodil, foxglove, forget-me-not, gillyflower, octofoil, quatrefoil, rose, trefoil, sexfoil, cornflower, poppy, daisy, tulip, bunch of tulips, lily, lotus


Common features (that can be given a different colour) include slipped, leaved, trunked, fructed

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