Want to create a coat of arms for your local team? These are the non-standard heraldic additions for you. Go sports team!

Sporting Item Charges

The following charges representing sporting items are available:

baseball, baseball glove, basket ball, football, football helmet, soccer ball, tennis ball

Note that for purposes of disambiguation, football ALWAYS means "American Football", to get the other type use the word soccer. Some of the above charges may be described as proper, in which case they will be be given an appropriate tincture automatically.

For cricket fans there are also available the following charges, (the words in brackets indicate features of each charge that may be given a different tincture) cricket bat (handle), cricket ball (seamed), cricket wicket (bails).

In addition, you can create a charge of numbers shown in a "sports" fashion (i.e. in a blocky style, with a border) by using the charge the sports number, the number may be given as digits or in natural language (up to around 100,000), in which case it MUST be surrounded by quotation marks. For example the sports number "sixty four" gules.

Playing Fields

You may also have the background of the shield representing various sports fields. These work rather like furs, they have fixed colours so it is not necessary to specify any tincture. Sports fields currently available are:

basketball, football, soccer, tennis

To use these it is nicest to make it clear that these apply to the field, so for example a field of soccer, or if there are further charges you can describe them as being Upon a field of football... and so on. court may be used instead of field if this seems more appropriate.

There is a certain amount of context available, such that if the type of field is specified then this does not have to be repeated when using sporting items, for example, On a field of soccer a ball proper will correctly display a soccer ball. Similarly for a helmet on a field of football and so on as other sports and items are added.

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