Household Items

Something of a "grab-bag" category, but here goes:

Household and Furnishing

Barrel, bellows, open book, closed book, cushion, beacon, fireball, flames, torch, chessrook, hawkbell, table, chair, abacus, astrolabe, amphora, thimble

The abacus may be beaded of a different colour.

Utensils and Crockery

Bucket, cauldron, chalice, cup, covered cup, dice, domino, fleshpot, leather bottle, mug, water bouget

Musical Instruments

Accordion, bagpipe, bugle horn, clarion, drumstick, harp, hunting horn, musical note, drum, violin, trumpet

Games and Pastimes

chess rook, chess bishop, chess castle, chess pawn, chess knight, alquerque board, nine mens' morris board, twelve mens' morris board

Food Items

This category includes manufactured food, there are other foods in the farming section. Manufactured foods available are: breadloaf,


There is a suprisingly large number of knots used as Heraldic charges, which only the most pedantic can tell apart. DrawShield provides several: bowen knot, celtic knot, de lacy knot, heneage knot, lover's knot, quatrefoil knot, wake knot, stafford knot, trinity knot and a generic knot which is used in all other cases.

There is also a cord, which is shown as a knotted loop of rope.

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