Blazon Reference

This section contains a reasonably good list of all the heraldic terms that DrawShield can display, i.e. all the words in a bold font on the pages below. There are a few points to note:

  • Variant spellings and alternative words for the same thing are not usually included (this would probably triple the size of the guide!)
  • There are additional terms that may be recognised but can't (yet) be drawn - although in some cases a sensible error message is generated
  • These pages are maintained by hand and may be slightly out of date with the actual program code

For these reasons it is fair to say that the best way to find out if DrawShield can draw a particular item is to try it out in a blazon on the create page!

Also note that in addition to these "standard" items of heraldry, DrawShield also supports various extensions, both in terms of the sorts of things it can draw, and the ways in which ordinary heraldic items can be tweaked. To make it clear that these are not necessarily heraldic "canon" they are discussed in a separate section here.

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