Since the shield is an item used in combat you will not be surprised to find that weapons feature very often in mediaeval heraldry. DrawShield offers the following weapons. The sword items are illustrated on the right.


Claymore, dagger, falchion, rapier, sabre, seax, sword, sword of St. Paul


Addice, battle axe, broad axe, common axe, double headed axe, pick axe, pole axe (halbert), slaughter axe, throwing axe, turner axe


Arrow, bundle of arrows, broad arrow, chaine shot, pheon, spear, Ukranian trident head, bow and arrow

The bow and arrow can be drawn nocked and or drawn.

Other Weapons

Battering ram, Cannon, caltrap, Catherine wheel, club, crossbow, staff, trident, Thor's hammer / Mjolnir


Most of the swords may hilts, pommells, blades of a different colour, and the axes can have handles, blades of a different colour.

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