Viewing the Gallery

You can find the gallery under the "Create" drop down menu at the top of every page. This links to the most recent summary page, which shows small versions of the entries in the shield gallery. These are shown in groups of 20, with the most recently submitted suggestion shown first. Each suggestion is given a 4 digit reference number, which is guaranteed not to change in the future, so please feel free to use it in your communications!

Clicking on one of the small images will lead to a page showing a larger version of the same image, along with the blazon that created it and any additional information that the submitter provided. Additionally, at the bottom of the image is a link to the create page that will automatically copy the blazon into the text field.1

The detailed image page will have a URL of the form "" where NNNN is the 4 digit reference number. This URL is guaranteed not to change so it can safely be used in communications or external links.

Making Suggestions

The simplest way to make a suggestion for inclusion in the gallery is to design your shield using the create page, then click on the "Submit to Gallery" button. Your blazon will be automatically copied to a read-only field, and the drawing options will be copied into a hidden field. You can, if you wish, provide additional information in the form as well but this is not required.

I can't guarantee to include every suggestion but they are all looked at and I appreciate every communication.

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