Orientation of Charges

Most charges have a default orientation - i.e. they normally face in a set direction and have a defined "upright" position. This can be changed by using the following modifiers after the charge. They can be used in combination also.

inverted flipped top to bottom

reversed flipped left to right

fesswise If the charge is "tall", lay it on its side. The direction it points in depends on the type of charge

palewise If the charge is "wide", turn it to stand up straight

bendwise, bendwise sinister Rotate 45 degrees to the right or left, respectively

Orientation and Arrangements

Although orientation may seem to the same concept as arrangement, it is different because you can combine both orientation and arrangement, for example charges may be fesswise in pale (orientated in a particular arrangement), and this is different from in pale on its own.

Orientation of Ordinaries

With ordinaries, the only modifiers for orientation that can be used are reversed and inverted; these are pretty interchangeable and usually mean "the other way around".


When charges are placed on an ordinary they will sometimes automatically have an orientation applied to better match them to the ordinary, for example birds are typically orientated bendwise sinister when placed on a bend. This can be over-ridden by specifying your own orientation.

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