Retro Sci Fi

This set of charges and ordinaries is based on the space imagery of the 1930's and is intended to create shields and badges for organisations involved in the exploration of space!


The following theme charges are available:

planet, raygun, rocket ship, atom, space station, rocket man, star, spiral galaxy, sputnik, planet earth

The rocket ship and the rocket man may both be enflamed of a different colour. The planet may be ringed of different colour. The planet earth may be described as proper.


The following ordinaries may be described as riveted, in which case they will have small grey rivet heads along their primary edges. Please let me know if you would like me to add more to this list.

chief, fess, bend, bend sinister, base, plain cross, chevron

The bends and cross are correctly riveted if there is a chief present, but not if they are couped.


Similarly, the following major divisions may also be riveted, in which lines of rivets appear either side of the division line:

per fess, per bend, per pale, per chevron, tierced in pale, tierced in fess, tierced in bend

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