Mythical Creatures

This is yet another category of charges very commonly found in mediaeval heraldry. The following creatures are available:

Creatures of Land

Alphyn, amphiptere, centaur, cockatrice, devil, dragon, heraldic antelope, heraldic tiger, hydra, lamia, mermaid, panther, salamandar, Egyptian sphinx, Greek Sphinx, unicorn

Creatures of the Air

bagwyn, dragon, welsh dragon, wyvern, phoenix, double headed phoenix, griffin, griffin's head, harpy, fraunadler (German harpy), harpy rising

Creatures of the Sea

sea-lion (half lion / half fish), sea-horse (half horse / half fish), sea-wolf, sea-goat, sea-dragon, sea-serpent, fishtailled griffin, dolphin, manticore, merman (or Triton), mermaid, mermaid in her modesty, mermaid in her vanity

Realistic Counterparts

Some of these creatures are rather fanciful interpretations of actual creatures, in some cases there are more realistic version listed under animals and fish, for example the natural sea-horse.

Features and Modifiers

Many of the creatures may have features of a different colour, typically armed, langued, horned. The dolphin is the heraldic variety and may be drawn crowned.

Some creatures, most notably the dragon, are available in different poses such as passant, dormant, rampant, sejant affronty.

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