Selecting the Pauldron Shape

Open the "Drawing Options" dialog by clicking the button below the shield image on the main "create" page. You will find Pauldron amongst the list of available shapes. The pauldron is a piece of armour designed to cover the shoulder, and in the Warhammer 40,000 universe it is frequently used to display symbols of the faction. Outside the Warhammer universe this particular shape probably isn't very useful.

You can also specify the Pauldron shape in the blazon text itself by using the construction drawn in a pauldron shape, which must go after the main blazon.

Pauldron Features

The pauldron in Warhammer typically has a thickened edge, this is shown in Drawshield through tinting around the edge of the pauldron. By default this takes a slightly darker shade of the underlying field, however you can set it to something different by using the ordinary bordure and giving it a different tincture, e.g. Azure a bordure or.

Automatically Adjusting Ordinaries, Divisions and Placements

Some (but by no means all) ordinaries and divisions will adjust themselves to take account of the space available on the pauldron. I'm working to fix as many as I can but for the moment you will just have to try them out and see if they work!

Similarly, some of the arrangements and positions that you place charges in will also shuffle themselves about to appear more evenly spread on the Pauldron. Others will not.

Additional Colours

As the Warhammer universe are not restricted to heraldic colours, and in fact have a range of specifically named paint colours, all of these colours can be used by name, instead of heraldic tinctures. The complete list of available colours is shown on on this Wikipedia page. Only colours that have a corresponding hex value are available, and where a single paint name is availalbe in both "layer" and "dry" variants then you must append "dry" to get the second variant. E.g. dawnstone is #70756E (the layer paint value), while dawnstone dry is #919C9F.

Finally, Note that these additional colours are only available if the Pauldron shape is selected.

Warhammer Charges

Some charges related to the Warhammer universe are also available and can be seen here. They are not restricted to the Pauldron shape and can be used anywhere that a charge is valid in a blazon.

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