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Index of Names

Bretoron (link to entry)Brouilhac (link to entry)Burnby (link to entry)
Brette (link to entry)Brouneslane (link to entry)Burnet (link to entry), Bp. (link to entry)
Bretvill (link to entry)Browght (link to entry)Burningham (link to entry)
Brewes (link to entry)Brown-Baker' Cmpy. (link to entry)Burr (link to entry)
Brewers' Company (link to entry)Brown (link to entry)Burridge (link to entry)
Brian (link to entry), (link to entry), Bp. (link to entry)Browne (link to entry), (link to entry), (link to entry)Burroughs (link to entry)
Brickdale (link to entry) bis (link to entry), (link to entry)Burton (link to entry)
Brikill (link to entry)Browneshaugh (link to entry)Burwell (link to entry)
Bricklayers' Company (link to entry)Brudenal (link to entry)Bury (link to entry)
(link to entry)Brun (link to entry)Bury S.Edmunds, Abbey
Brickley (link to entry)Brunstaugh (link to entry) (link to entry)
Brickman (link to entry)Brunswick (link to entry)Busche (link to entry)
Bricks (link to entry)Brunt (link to entry)Bushby (link to entry)
Brickwood (link to entry)Brus (link to entry)Bushe (link to entry), Bp. (link to entry)
Brideoke, Bp. (link to entry)Brusard (link to entry)Bushman (link to entry)
Bridge (link to entry)Brusse (link to entry)Bussham (link to entry)
Bridgen (link to entry)Bruton, Priory (link to entry)Bustard (link to entry)
Bridger (link to entry)Bruyne (link to entry)Butchers' Company (link to entry)
Bridges, Bp. *(link to entry)Bruysel de Lure *(link to entry)Buttller (link to entry)
Bridgmore (link to entry)Bryan *(link to entry)Buther (link to entry)
Bridled (link to entry)Bryasnon (link to entry)Butler (link to entry)
Bridlington, Priory (link to entry)Bryn (link to entry)Butler (link to entry), (link to entry), (link to entry), (link to entry)
Brigge (link to entry)Bubbleward *(link to entry) (link to entry),(link to entry),(link to entry), Bp.tris (link to entry)
Briggs (link to entry)Bubbewyth, Bp. (link to entry), (link to entry)Butteler (link to entry)
Brighteley (link to entry)Buchanan (link to entry)Butterfield (link to entry), (link to entry)
Brinckman (link to entry)Bucher (link to entry)Butterfly (link to entry)
Bringburn (link to entry)Buck bis *(link to entry), (link to entry), (link to entry)Butterwike (link to entry)
Brinzon (link to entry)Buckhill (link to entry)Butterworth
Brisac (link to entry)Buckingham, Town (link to entry)Buttrisch (link to entry)
Bristol, See of (link to entry)Buckland (link to entry), (link to entry)Buttriss (link to entry)
Brittany *(link to entry)Buckland, Abbey (link to entry)Butts (link to entry)
Britton (link to entry), (link to entry)Buckle (link to entry)Buxton (link to entry)
Broadhurst (link to entry), (link to entry)Buckner (link to entry)Bye bis *(link to entry)
Broadwood (link to entry)Buckside (link to entry)Byers (link to entry)
Brobach (link to entry)Bucktin (link to entry)Byest (link to entry)
Brobrach (link to entry)Budd (link to entry)Byford (link to entry)
Brobrough (link to entry)Bugg (link to entry)Bygbery (link to entry)
Brochant du Breuil (link to entry)Bulbeck *(link to entry)Bykeley (link to entry)
Brock(e) (link to entry), (link to entry)Bull (link to entry)Byles (link to entry)
Brockhall (link to entry)Bulleine (link to entry)Byng (link to entry)
Brodrick (link to entry)Buller, Bp. (link to entry)Byrch (link to entry)
Broke (link to entry), (link to entry)Bullingham, Bp. (link to entry)Byron bis *(link to entry), (link to entry)
Brokencross (link to entry)Bullock (link to entry)Byrtwysell (link to entry)
Brokmale (link to entry)Bume (link to entry)Bysset(t) bis (link to entry)
Brokrose (link to entry)Bungall (link to entry)
Broks (link to entry)Bunninghill (link to entry)
Bromall (link to entry)Bunten tris (link to entry)Cade (link to entry)
Brome (link to entry), (link to entry), (link to entry), (link to entry)Bunting (link to entry)Cadenet (link to entry)
Bromfaling (link to entry)Burche (link to entry)Cadman (link to entry)
Bromflet(t) (link to entry), (link to entry)Burden (link to entry)Caermarthen, Priory (link to entry)
Bromholme, Priory (link to entry)Burdeux (link to entry), (link to entry)Caine (link to entry)
Bromholm (link to entry)Burdon (link to entry)Cairns (link to entry)
Bromle (link to entry)Bure (link to entry)Caithness S. (link to entry)
Brom(e)ley *(link to entry), (link to entry), bisBureau (link to entry)Calder (link to entry)
(link to entry), (link to entry)Buret *(link to entry)Caldwell *(link to entry), (link to entry)
Brommen (link to entry)Burgess, Bp. (link to entry)Calois de Mesville (link to entry)
Broome (link to entry)Burgoyne (link to entry)Calron (link to entry)
Brotherton (link to entry)Burland (link to entry)Calshill (link to entry)
Brotier (link to entry)Burlinger (link to entry), (link to entry)Calton (link to entry)
Brougham (link to entry)Burman Calverley (link to entry), (link to entry)

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