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Index of Names

Launceston (link to entry)Lighton (link to entry)Louis (link to entry), (link to entry)
Launde (link to entry)Lightorles (link to entry)Lourmont (link to entry)
Laurence (link to entry)Limesey (link to entry)Louthian (link to entry)
Lavender (link to entry)Limpeine (link to entry)Lovatt (link to entry)
Lawder (link to entry)Lincoln, See of (link to entry)Lovayne (link to entry)
Lawrence *(link to entry), (link to entry)Lincoln, City (link to entry)Love *(link to entry)
Layland (link to entry)Lincoln's Inn (link to entry)Loveday (link to entry)
Laynne (link to entry)Lindsay (link to entry)Lovel(l) (link to entry), (link to entry), (link to entry)
Leaf (link to entry)Lingard (link to entry) (link to entry), (link to entry)
Leathersellers' Cmpy. (link to entry)Linlithgow, Burgh (link to entry)Lovenham (link to entry)
Leathes *(link to entry)Linne (link to entry)Lovett (link to entry)
Lechmere (link to entry)Liskerke (link to entry)Lovys (link to entry)
Le Cocq(oq) bis (link to entry)Lisle (link to entry)Low(e) bis *(link to entry), Bp. (link to entry)
Lediard (link to entry)Lithgow (link to entry)Lowle (link to entry)
Lee (link to entry), (link to entry), (link to entry), Bp.(link to entry)Littlebery (link to entry)Lucas (link to entry), (link to entry), (link to entry)
Leeson *(link to entry)Littleborne (link to entry)Luc-Fontenay (link to entry)
Leet (link to entry)Littlebury (link to entry)Lucien (link to entry), (link to entry)
Le Goux (link to entry)Liverpool, City (link to entry), (link to entry)Lucy (link to entry) , *(link to entry)
Legh (link to entry)Livingstone (link to entry) 4 times *(link to entry)
Legier (link to entry)Lles ap Coel (link to entry)Ludlow (link to entry)
Leicester, Town *(link to entry)Llyoyd (link to entry), *(link to entry), (link to entry)Lughtburgh (link to entry)
Leicester, Earl of *(link to entry) Bp. (link to entry)Lumley *(link to entry), (link to entry)
Leigh *(link to entry), (link to entry), Llwch (link to entry)Lunenburg (link to entry)
Leight (link to entry)Lobley (link to entry)Lupus (link to entry)
Leister (link to entry)Locard (link to entry)Luttrell bis (link to entry)
Lekebourne (link to entry)Locavel (link to entry)Lutwyche (link to entry)
Le Lyeur (link to entry)Locawell (link to entry)Luvys (link to entry)
Leman (link to entry)Lock (link to entry)Luxembourg, Bp. *(link to entry)
Lemming (link to entry)Lockey (link to entry)Luxmoore (link to entry)
Lend (link to entry)Lockhart (link to entry)Luxmore, Bp. (link to entry)
Lendon (link to entry)Lockheart (link to entry)Lyband (link to entry)
Le Neve (link to entry)Lockyer (link to entry)Lydcotte (link to entry)
Lenthall *(link to entry)Lodge (link to entry)Lylde Bp. *(link to entry)
Lenton, Priory (link to entry)Logie (link to entry)Lyle (link to entry)
Lepton (link to entry)Lokyer (link to entry)Lylsey (link to entry)
Lepull (link to entry)Lomeleye (link to entry)Lymington (link to entry)
L'Eschelle (link to entry)London, Friary of Lynch (link to entry)
Lesington (link to entry) S.Antony (link to entry)Lynde (link to entry)
Leslie (link to entry)-- S.Bartholomew's Lyndeseye (link to entry)
Lesquin (link to entry) Priory (link to entry)Lyndesheye (link to entry)
Lesseps *(link to entry)-- Christ Church Lyndewode (link to entry)
Lessieure (link to entry) Priory *(link to entry)Lynton, Priory (link to entry)
Lesune (link to entry)-- S.Katherine's Hos- Lyon Office of Arms
Lete (link to entry) pital (link to entry) at Edinburgh (link to entry)
Levant Company (link to entry)Long Bowstring Lyons (link to entry)
Lever (link to entry) Makers' Company (link to entry)
Leverington (link to entry)Longchamp, Bp. (link to entry)
Leversedge (link to entry), (link to entry), Longespee (link to entry), (link to entry), *(link to entry)
Leveson (link to entry)Longshare (link to entry)Maben (link to entry)
Levinz (link to entry)Longstaff (link to entry)M'Alpin (link to entry)
Lewer (link to entry)Lopus (link to entry)Macaul (link to entry)
Lewes (link to entry)Lorand (link to entry)Macaulay (link to entry)
Lewis (link to entry)Loriners' Company (link to entry)Macbride (link to entry)
Lexington (link to entry), (link to entry)Lorks (link to entry)M'Calzien (link to entry)
Ley bis *(link to entry)Lorne, Lordship *(link to entry)Mac Causland (link to entry), (link to entry)
Leybourne (link to entry), (link to entry)Lorraine, Duchy (link to entry)McCorquodell (link to entry)
Leyver (link to entry)Lorrayne (link to entry)Macdonald (link to entry), (link to entry)
Lichfield, See of *(link to entry)Lotham (link to entry)Mac Dougall (link to entry)
Lichfield, City (link to entry), (link to entry)Loudon (link to entry)M'Dowell (link to entry)
Lightford (link to entry)Loughman (link to entry)Mace (link to entry)

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