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Index of Names

Vintners' Company (link to entry)Wasterley *(link to entry)Whithorse (link to entry)
Virginia College (link to entry)Wastley (link to entry)Whitting (link to entry)
Vivian (link to entry), (link to entry)Watelet (link to entry)Whitingwen (link to entry)
Voguall (link to entry)Waterford, See of (link to entry)Whitlock (link to entry)
Von Strachwitz (link to entry)Waterford, City (link to entry)Whittington (link to entry), (link to entry)
Vyell (link to entry)Waterhouse (link to entry)Whyshaw (link to entry)
Vyner (link to entry)Watermen, Cmpy. of (link to entry)Wiggon (link to entry)
Vyrney (link to entry)Watevill (link to entry)Wigketone (link to entry)
Watone (link to entry)Wigley (link to entry)
Waston (link to entry), Bp. (link to entry), *(link to entry)Wignetone (link to entry)
Wace *(link to entry)Watt (link to entry), (link to entry)Wigston (link to entry)
Wade (link to entry), (link to entry), (link to entry)Wattes (link to entry)Wigtone (link to entry)
Wadge (link to entry)Wattys (link to entry)Wikes (link to entry), (link to entry)
Wadriepont (link to entry)Wauley (link to entry)Wilcocks (link to entry)
Wadsworth (link to entry)Wauncy (link to entry)Wilde (link to entry)
Wagstaff *(link to entry)Wautland (link to entry)Wilkes (link to entry)
Waite (link to entry)Wax-Chandlers' Wilkins (link to entry)
Wake *(link to entry), (link to entry), (link to entry) Company (link to entry)Wilkinson (link to entry)
(link to entry), bis (link to entry)Way(e) (link to entry), (link to entry), (link to entry)Willard (link to entry)
Wakefield, Bp. (link to entry)Wayland (link to entry)Willaume (link to entry)
Wakerly bis (link to entry)Wayte (link to entry)WILLIAM I. *(link to entry), (link to entry)
Wakley (link to entry)Weare (link to entry)WILLIAM II. (link to entry)
Walden (link to entry)Weavers' Cmpy. bis (link to entry)Williams *(link to entry), (link to entry), (link to entry)
Wales, North, Insig- Wednisson (link to entry) (link to entry), *(link to entry), (link to entry)
nia of (link to entry)Weele *(link to entry)Williams of Thame (link to entry)
Wales, Sounth Insig- Welbeck, Abbey (link to entry) (link to entry)
nia of (link to entry)Welday (link to entry)Willington (link to entry)
Waleys (link to entry), (link to entry)Weldish (link to entry)Willis (link to entry)
Walker (link to entry), (link to entry), (link to entry)Welhop (link to entry)Willisby (link to entry), (link to entry)
Walkinshead (link to entry)Welle (link to entry)Willoughby (link to entry), (link to entry)
Waller (link to entry)Weller (link to entry)Wills (link to entry)
Walley (link to entry), (link to entry)Welles (link to entry), (link to entry)Wilshere (link to entry)
Wallongford, Seal (link to entry)Wells *(link to entry)Wilson (link to entry), (link to entry)
Wallis (link to entry)Wells, See of *(link to entry)Wilton (link to entry)
Wallop *(link to entry)Wells, City (link to entry), (link to entry)Wiltram (link to entry)
Walois (link to entry)Wellwood (link to entry), (link to entry)Wiltshire (link to entry), (link to entry)
Walromd (link to entry), *(link to entry)Wencelaugh (link to entry)Wimble (link to entry)
Walshall (link to entry)Wengham, Bp. (link to entry)Wimbush (link to entry)
Walshe (link to entry)Wentworth *(link to entry)Winchcombe, Abbey
Walsingham (link to entry)West, Bp. *(link to entry) (link to entry), (link to entry)
Walstone (link to entry)West Lool, Seal (link to entry)Winchester, Conte de
Walter, Abp. *(link to entry)Westfaling, Bp. (link to entry) *(link to entry), bis (link to entry)
Walton, Bp. *(link to entry), *(link to entry)Westley *(link to entry)Wincgester (link to entry)
Wanley (link to entry)Weston (link to entry), Bp. (link to entry)Winston(e) (link to entry), (link to entry)
Wanty (link to entry)Wethered (link to entry)Winterbottom *(link to entry)
Warburton, Bp. (link to entry)Wexford, Mayors's Winthorp (link to entry)
Ward (link to entry) Seal (link to entry)Wintoun (link to entry)
Warden (link to entry)Weye (link to entry)Winwood (link to entry)
Warin (link to entry)Whalley bis (link to entry)Wirgman (link to entry)
Warre *(link to entry)Whalley, Abbey *(link to entry)Wise (link to entry)
Warren *(link to entry), (link to entry)Wharton (link to entry)Wiseman (link to entry)
Warrewik (link to entry)Wheeler (link to entry),(link to entry),(link to entry),(link to entry)Wishart (link to entry)
Warringeham (link to entry)Wheelwrights' Cmpy. (link to entry)Wistowe (link to entry)
Wartemberg (link to entry)Wheywell (link to entry), (link to entry)Witeneye (link to entry)
Warton, Bp. *(link to entry)Whitby (link to entry)Wokingdone (link to entry)
Warwick (link to entry), (link to entry)White bis (link to entry), (link to entry)Wokingham, Seal (link to entry)
Warwick, Town Seal (link to entry) Bp. *(link to entry)Wolfo (link to entry)
Washborne (link to entry)Whitfield *(link to entry)Wollstonecraft (link to entry)
Wasseley *(link to entry)Whitgift, Bp. (link to entry)Wolrich (link to entry), (link to entry), (link to entry)

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